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Photographer's Profile

About Brittany Platt

Brittany's love for photography started after finding a camera on the side of the road in early 2008. "it was a cheap 8 mega pixel camera, but that was a big jump up from my measly 3 mega pixel point-and shoot!" After a couple of months and some prompting from friends and family to upgrade to a SLR, she made the leap and bought what she calls her first "real camera - A Nikon D60" Brittany has only been photographing for a relatively short time compared to some long time photo-veterans, but her accomplishments match those of seasoned photographers. Some of those achievements include receiving 4th place in 2009's Little Rock Is Working photo contest (out of over 800 entries), having her works displayed on exhibit at Christ Episcopal Church in Little Rock, and her most exciting accomplishment to date being published in the 2010 capture Arkansas book. "It was an awesome feeling being published in Capture Arkansas along with so many great photographers!" She also has worked for several publications and businesses doing freelance work. The Log Cabin Democrat, Sync Weekly, Savvy kids, and Women's Inc. magazine-to name a few.

In between chasing three kids Brittany enjoys photography (of course!) playing french horn, piano, and hooping. If you've never heard of it, its a mix between freestyle dance and doing circus tricks with a hula hoop. "Ive progresses to hula hooping with five hoops now! my goal is 20!" After growing up in north little rock for most of her life, she now lives in Conway with her husband, three kids, Tyson (their dog) and Dora (their cat) They are members of the First Pentecostal Church in Guy.